First week of IP

IP news roundup:

  • Got our studios today!

  • Spent the week gathering thoughts, looking through old journals (mine and others’) and books for inspiration. Freewriting a lot, for classes and for fun (ie for IP, which is what I’m going to call everything I do for fun now), observing what’s interesting to me. Still a ways from having a central question, but I’m definitely looking at writing, drawing and comics, but maybe also performance? The STAMPS lecture today gave me a lot to think about, and one of the biggest questions/thought lines I got was “How do I take a performance that I experience personally/bodily/internally and externalize it in a way that it can become art for an audience to experience?” I’m also thinking about identity, experiences of the body, pleasure and sexuality and how to map personal relationships onto a larger narrative that more people can access. Good thought from Camille: “Work doesn’t have to be confessional to be vulnerable.”

  • Spent the week working on my daily practices that I’ve set for myself: fill one page with words and one page with drawings. I haven’t gotten to scan the ones from this week yet, but here’s an example from a bit ago.


Plans for the next week:

  • Keep writing and drawing every day! It’s been a mix of poetry, observational prose and flash fiction and I’m happy with that. The drawings have been mostly observational sketches like above, and I’m trying to push myself to draw non-observationally more as well, and get back into making daily comics.

  • Stick to my curfew: get all work done before 10pm! It’s been going well, but it’ll be an interesting challenge once classes really kick in. So far it’s made me work more efficiently, which is a good sign.

  • Buy a camera!

  • Take my library books and big sketchbooks down to my studio, and get supplies—desk lamp is the number one priority.